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30 August 2006 @ 12:20 am
Title: Ticking Clocks
For: [info]kiarasayre who wanted two other really awesome prompts that I could not get to work, and Post Time-War Romana rebuilding Gallifrey. I tried, but this is what came out
Notes: References to Shada, City of Death, Gallifrey audios. All errors are mine as the result of learning 40 odd years of canon in six months. I also apologize for being so late. Real life has been insane lately.

Ticking Clocks

There are billions of refugees made homeless and rootless by the Dalek war machine. Thousands whose home worlds now exist only in stories. And a few whose people never existed at all, who have become myths and legends, like the Lords of Time.

The relief workers who found her in the wreck, baffled by her unique biochemistry and physiology, told her when she finally woke that she was lucky to survive, that she should be grateful for only sustaining minor head injuries from the crash. She doesn't tell them that one who once ruled over the most sophisticated civilization in the universe should not have trouble tying her shoes and pronouncing her name beyond the first few syllables.

It takes her months to remember that the planet she ruled had been called Gallifrey.

I swear to protect the ancient law of Gallifrey...

The silence in her head is deafening, and far worse than the clumsiness of her body. She wonders why she hasn't regenerated, and if she still can. Lessons about timelines and the universe, learned as a student run through her mind, but the knowledge on how to act upon them is gone. She recalls being a Time Lady, but not how to be one again.

...with all my might and main,...

Why has she survived? Some legacy her presidency has left. Would it have been better or worse for this universe if she had never stopped traveling, never left him, never left the other universe? Time is slipping from her, and Gallifrey from the universe, and there is little she can do about either. She knew full well how many Laws of Time she was breaking when she had asked her old mentor to remove a few relics and artifacts of Gallifreyan culture to his art collection off-world. It was seen as a reckless act at the time, and she had been censored for it. But she had reminded them: if they won the war, the High Council could prosecute her (again), and if they lost there would be no one around to give a damn.

She would rather have faced the inquisition again.

...I will to the end of my days...

Even the "what if?" preparations made during the darkest nights, as the war stretched on and that "impossible scenario" had become more and more probable, didn't account for this. Why hadn't she tried to save more? Could anything else be left? Why hadn't they realized sooner that the "impossible scenario" was the only one left? In retrospect it is painfully obvious. It seems so inadequate that these few pieces are all that remains of billions of years of history, aside from the failing memories of a dying woman and the stories of the exiles that never were.

She hopes he survived implementing the universe's last stand, and prays he can forgive her for forcing him be the one to make it.

...with justice and with honor...

With her “permanently displaced person” papers and a smile that hasn’t been so bright since Cambridge, it is relatively easy to charter a ship to take her into the heart of Kasterborous, because if she is still alive, then it is possible (even probable) someone else survived as well.

Unfortunately, the universe never studied logic.

Most of the system is gone, or at least uninhabitable. Only one world, on the outskirts of the system, remains intact. It isn’t Gallifrey, in fact it has never been inhabited, but it is as close to home as she is likely to get. Gallifrey is gone, but perhaps she can preserve some part of what remains in the little time she has left. A memorial, or at least the start of one. A small way to preserve what still exists, so that the Time Lords don’t die with her.

...temper my actions and my thoughts

On an empty world in a barren system, there is a place unique in the galaxy, where you can see silver trees and swirling monoliths as old as Time. It tells the story of the Guardians of that domain, of their great achievements and of their great sacrifice. It is a tomb for the unmarked grave of millions, though only one body is buried here. It is marked by a complex geometric design and four words: “You are not alone.”
rabu-rabu-zura?: Romana Ikiarasayre on August 30th, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous) on August 31st, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)
*Sheds one single emo tear for Romana. And one for Fred*
lizbee: DW: iTARDISlizbee on September 2nd, 2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
I wish to join the anon commenter in shedding a single emo tear.

is that BABOU?!: DW04 Romana Ioltha_heri on October 16th, 2006 01:32 am (UTC)
fgeyieuergbgerrgvfbervihefd. That is how I feel after reading this. Seriously, this was really good the oath in between the paragraphs was brilliant. And the Doctor needs to go back to the memorial and see the "You Are Not Alone", seriously.